LED Lights to Help Aid Astronaut Insomnia

On the International Space Station, sleep is hard to get.  According to NASA flight surgeon, Smith Johnston “The station is noisy, carbon dioxide is high, you don’t have a shower, there’s a lot of angst because you’ve got to perform.” Sleep deprivation can be dangerous, especially in this situation.

NASA is spending $11.2 million on switching out the space station’s fluorescent lights for color-alternating LEDs. The LEDs will alternate from blue, white, and red, based upon the time of day. The blue light acts like the Earth’s sky and suppresses melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone, and stimulates the human brain. “You can dial in a natural day-night cycle on the space station,” Johnson says.

NASA says it plans to have the switchover completed by 2016.

Full Article Source: Mother Nature Network

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