Bring it Home: Falling For Fall

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip CookiesThank you to Stephanie Vanderbilt of Coastal Windows & Exteriors for allowing us to share your blog this month!

We introduced this new blog series last month ~ all about bringing style to your home from creating a warm & inviting living space, going green, lux for less designing or simply the shifts in seasonal decorating & renovations.

This week I am embracing fall from making my favorite pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (make them now & thank me later)

to decorating my front door. We finally fixed up the front stairs and I need to bring a little outside colors now to my front entry way.

This week it’s all about Falling for Fall. It takes me until about mid-October to fall in love with my favorite fall hues ~ burnt orange is my fave. How about you? Do you have a favorite fall hue?

Bring It Home Fall DecorMy fall curb appeal starts with of course our yearly pumpkin (1). This year it’s about drilling patterned holes. It’s really simple … cut a hole in the bottom of a large pumpkin and scoop out the pulp/seeds. Mark off the pattern with an erasable wax pencil then get out your drill (use medium drill bit) to punch out the dotted outline of your design. I also love Martha’s chic no carve lacy pumpkin made with an old pair of tights. Yes, remember those from last winter? You can find instructions here on this fun new way to decorate your fall pumpkin here. Next, on over to Building Center in Gloucester to pick up these items: pumpkins, mini mums, cabbage plants, wheat stalk, urn/flower pot and solar pillar and string lights.

Fill up your urn with some white pumpkins, mini mums and cabbage plants (2). Then add that warm glow by following instructions for the solar lights (3) in both the pumpkin and urn. I love coming through my door greeted by warm lights. I would add a lantern or two filled with more solar string lights!

Speaking of lights, why not swap out that old porch light (mine is probably 100 years old and inefficient). I love this new line of lighting over at the Building Center. Lucy Dearborn of Lucia Lighting & Design in Lynn suggests to make a plan first by working with an expert—your “GPS” for navigating through your lighting vision. The plan you will create will provide guidance for your timeline and budget. Lucy suggests to focus on function first, then fashion such as your signature style. Make sure you use an LED bulb to save money and the environment (4).

Time to remove that screen door if you have one and make sure your front door (5) is draft free. Please follow these easy three steps:

  1. Place a flame near the edge of the entire door and look for any flickering.
  2. Open the door and check to see if there is any damaged weather stripping on the door and the frame itself.
  3. Close the door and look through the bottom of the door and check to see if you have a good seal. If you can see any daylight, or need a new door sweep. You can find these at The Building Center.

Did you know that drafty doors and windows can increase your energy bills up to 40%? That’s crazy so if you have found any air leakage please contact me to learn more about our energy efficient award-winning doors and how you can save money on your energy bills this winter. We’re offering great promotions on our best products this month and so there is no need to be left out in the cold.

Follow us for lots of tips & inspirations to bring these looks home and protect your home this winter. I would love to hear how you’re decorating your front entry way this fall.

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